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In planning homework, emphasis should be placed on the value of the assignment. The assignment of homework is used to:

  1. Strengthen basic skills
  2. Reinforce study habits
  3. Extend classroom learning
  4. Develop initiative, responsibility, and self-direction
  5. Stimulate independent thinking
  6. Increase range and scope of interest, and foster worthwhile use of leisure time

Basic Principles

  1. To be effective in meeting with these purposes, homework must be carefully planned in accordance with the following principles:
  2. The purpose of the assignment and its relation to what has been learned in the classroom. 
  3. The teacher will explain to the student not only what to do, but how to do it.
  4. The assignment should grow out of classroom activities and should be meaningful, interesting, and varied.
  5. To be effective as a learning aid, the homework assignments are collected and reviewed by the teacher.
  6. Homework is an important part of the instructional program and should be reflected on the students’ grade in a positive way.
    1. Credit is given for homework turned-in by the students.
    2. Parents are to be informed of the students’ lack of homework production.

Responsibility of Parents

Parents can help their child make the best use of the time, which is spent on home study by following these suggestions:

  1. Ask your child to share one thing they learned today and have them teach it to you.
  2. Ask your child to tell you their weekly spelling words, what they mean, how the words are spelled, and how to use these words in a sentence.
  3. Practice math facts. For example: 2+2=…… 10-7=…… 6x7=……. 25÷5=……    Make a game of it!!!!
  4. Ask your child what they learned in Math today and have them teach it to you.
  5. Have your child read 2 pages/paragraphs to you and summarize the text. Then ask them 2 questions about what they read.
  6. Check your child’s homework pouch and student planner nightly for important notices from school and to see how your child is progressing at school.