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Uniform Policy & Dress Code

John Muir faculty, staff, and administration are committed to establishing a positive educational atmosphere for all students. Good grooming signifies the difference in character and motivation that should distinguish the John Muir student.   School is the students’ place of work, and we want our students’ dress to reflect the professional character of our school. Therefore, all clothing must be neat, clean and acceptable in appearance. ALL students MUST adhere to the following Uniform and Dress code policy.

  1. Plain white, red, navy blue or a Muir t-shirt and navy blue, black, or denim bottoms (this includes pants, shorts, shirts, skorts, or jumpers).
  2. No sandals, open-toe shoes, platform shoes, or skate shoes.  The heel on any shoe should not exceed one (1) inch.  Shoelaces must be tied so the heel does not slip out of the shoe.  All shoes must have backs.
  3. No slits cut into pants/shorts/sweatpants.
  4. No gang related clothes of any kind.
  5. No pants/shorts/sweatpants that are more than two (2) inches larger than the student’s actual waist measurement.
  6. No baggy pants (five (5) inches or more of excess material at the knee or ankles).
  7. No initialed belt buckles.
  8. No sport jerseys, halter-tops, crop tops, or tops with spaghetti straps.
  9. No bare midriffs.  Shirt should cover midriff when arms are raised.
  10. No suggestive or obscene clothing; including clothing with slogans or pictures that depict alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, racism, or violence.
  11. No dangling or hoop earrings that may be a safety hazard at P.E., recess or lunch.
  12. No chains are to be worn or carried.
  13. No clothing is to be worn that disrupts the natural flow of classroom or school activities.

If a student violates the uniform policy/dress code, the parents will be notified and the student will either change into loaned clothing from the office or a parent will bring appropriate clothing.  Uniform Waivers can be requested from a school administrator.