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Clearing Absences

We are required to secure an absence excuse from a parent or guardian when a child has been absent from school. All absences must be cleared within 3 days or they automatically become a truant. 

According to State law the only excused absences are for illness, medical treatment, bereavement, and some legal commitments. Family vacations, religious holidays/commitments, or personal business are considered unexcused reasons for absence. (See Independent Study)

You may excuse your child's absence by doing one of the following:

  • Sending an email to our secretary, Hilda Ginosian, explaining the reason for your child'sabsence
  • Sending a note of explanation signed by the parent or guardian, which states the name of the child, dates and reason for the absence
  • Calling the the office at (818)241-4848 

Students who continue to be truant will be referred to the Glendale Unified School District's Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) for further action. Parents are notified of a student's truancies through a series of 4 Truancy Letters which the district has practice of sending. They are the 3 day, 5 to 9 day, 10 to 14 day and finally 18 day Absence Letter.